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Visit Android Google Booth - MWC 2011

Meet the Android community, Discover the Google's Booth, the coolest stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC 2011) :
Android Toboggan ride...A small smoothie ...the Androidify booth (Make android your own)...the Big Nexus S ...the beautifull Nexus s assembly line of all of the Android devices ever created ...closure of the Google stand ,.... And The folly of pins that has invaded the Congress ...Awesome marketing by GOOGLE !! it's a real shot at a lower communication costs for Google because it could pass in each hall, Sandwich board person proudly wearing the colors of android !
And I confess to have been one of them! Enjoy and comment !!
Google Home Video Contest entry :
The theme of the contest was: "What's your favorite thing about working in your Google location?"
lifeatgoogle it's good ;)


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