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Kite User Interface ( New Android UI)

"Kite UI is a completely new user interface for android devices. This video showcases the concept of the Kite UI project (although initial work has started some time ago) and the final interface might not work exactly like this.

The video does not show the complete UI. Some features are left out for future surprises.

For additional information head over to:
"Contact Me" = Liquidice

I was a bit stressed in the end. I promised a November video release (which I failed by 1h30min). This lead to two errors when on the "social" page:

Pressing the text bubble should open "reply/comment" dialog, while pressing the picture should open "more updates". An additional press on the picture opens the contact card. Being stressed caused me to skip the additional step.

Anyway, I think this still manages to show how the interface works in "levels" where you can "dig deeper" into information by different actions, and move backwards by swipe gestures.

Somehow the song was unsynced after conversion from flash. I hope that doesn't ruin the overall impression for any of you ;P

The song can be found on youtube. It's an instrumental cover of Time To Pretend by MGMT (cover by corywythe) which you find here:"

kite ui via hdblog
asu koen

asu koen

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