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Sharp IS03 Android Smartphone

KDDI and Sharp have announced the IS03, an Android smartphone which supports all the features traditionally found in Japanese mobile phones.

The IS03 runs Android 2.1 on a 3.5-inch 960x640 pixel display and features a 9.57 megapixel CCD camera with autofocus. It also has all the capabilities expected of a mobile phone in Japan, including the Osaifu Keitai mobile wallet service, mobile digital TV, infrared connectivity, and Decoraion Mail.

"Now that the Japanese market is quickly shifting to smartphones, we thought we also needed to offer a smartphone. As overseas makers have taken the lead in this area, we thought the most important thing was to distinguish ourselves from them. In developing this smartphone, we gave top priority to specs and features that are easy for Japanese customers to use."

The IS03 also supports au's LISMO! music service and the au one Navi Walk navigation service, bringing all the mobile capabilities people want into one handset. In addition, it supports multi-touch and Flash Lite 4.0.

"The camera is a 9.6 megapixel CCD model. Most mobile phone cameras are CMOS models with 5-8 megapixels. The IS03 delivers higher resolution and sensitivity with a very similar body size. So it takes beautiful photos even in dark locations or with fast-moving subjects."

In addition, the IS03 has the industry's first "combination LCD," with a large screen and a memory LCD. So users can always check the clock and battery life, even while the main display is switched off.

The IS03 will be available in three colors: orange, white, and black, and it's scheduled for release from late November 2010.




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