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HTC Wildfire review - English Subtitles

HTC Wildfire - Smartphone Android Eclair 2.1

Wildifire: this is the name given by HTC to its newborn smartphone. It 's basically a condensed version of the HTC Desire, currently probably the best smartphone HTC has ever manufactured. HTC Wildfire is targeteted to young users and oriented to social netowrking.

The basic ingredients HTC has used for the recipe of the Wildfire are basically the same as in the Desire: Android as operating system, HTC Sense as user interface, a modern and essential design. All these ingredients have been fitted into slim case with a 3.2 colour display, a 5 MP camera with LED flash, and, of course, last generation phone connectivity, wi-fi and Bluetooth.

However hardware specs anr not the most relevant features of Wildfire. What's really important is the software, which is basically HTC Sense: this user interface has become so powerful and advanced that you now have the feeling of having in your hands a miniature PC, rather than an advanced mobile phone.

HTC Wildfire is aimed at social networking: the last version of the software includes a feature called Friend Stream, that gathers and shows contents from various social networks (including Facebook, Twitter and Flickr) in an organized flow of updates, posts, comments, alerts and pictures.

Wildfire includes also an advanced application for social networking of software: users can send comments on specific programs to friends, and suggest specific software.

Wildfire is fast powerful, compact, rich of colours and images. Orients to interaction in social networking. And, moreovers, should be marketed at a competitive price, around 300 Euros.


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