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iHome Full Magical Iphone Experience on all Android phones

"Some people dont like customise the home , so with this ihome you have a interface like (i)phone with all your apps in one place ( no Menu ) this is a better experience for some new users from ;)
when you show an android phone to an i phone addict it always say mine is more easy to use : ihome WILL BE nice for ancient users = same interface but with nice eye candies and the choice to customise... "

New home experience all in ! With great 3d effect !!!
tested on Nexus and other phones.... ( android 2.1, android 2.0.1, android 1.6, android 1.5 )
1.easy to use, fast and efficient.
2.provide a whole new experience on Droid perfectly. aHome , openHome & pandaHome 's themes effectively. QVGA , WQVGA 400 , WQVAG432 , HVAG , WVGA800 , WVGA854 .... OS1.5,1.6&20 ( and 2.1 like nexus one htc desire ( bravo ) ....

by NetDragon Websoft Inc
iHome Full Magical Experience

while waiting TAT Home ( MWC 2010 ) , you can use now ihome:
i tested it on samsung galaxy , htc hero , htc tatoo , droid milestone motorola , acer liquid , nexus one google and archos 5it (but this one cant use the 3d effect like with GDE )

trial version

paid version


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