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Social Networking

icon Ce:real - Everyday trends
Ce:real, What's happening in this world? Are you curious about real world? How about North Pole or an edge of Africa? Also, it can be your neighborhood. It is offering to you hot photo stories with Twitter trends keyword which has speed of lights. Enjoy millions of happenings in real world and you participate in it as well.
icon SocialMuse
Check out what users on the other side of the world are listening to! Find people with similar musical taste, or just explore the world through music. Browse other users' music libraries, listen to previews of their songs, and buy them if you like them. Check out their profiles on MySpace, Facebook and
icon SpotMessage
SpotMessage is a communication tool using GPS. Send a message designating a spot with Google Maps then the message will be notified when the recipient arrives at the spot. SpotMsg finds various uses; as an alarm reminding you of a task at a certain spot or for sending your friend a surprise message on his or her arrival.
icon Books-EX
Books-EX - Why waste Books? Exchange them! Books-EX is a location based Social Network for Book lovers. Books-EX lets you List, Connect and Exchange books with your twitter friends. 1. List Books to Exchange. 2. Connect with Twitter Friends and view Friends Book list. 3. Exchange Books with Friends. Books-EX: Stay Green!
icon AppShare
Easily share your favorite selection of Android apps with your friends. You can recommend apps using Appshare, SMS or Email. By using Appshare you can receive recommendations from your friends and check them out quickly at the Market.
Want to meet by chance real people nearby you who meet your criterias? For friendship? Love? warns you when you are nearby these members. See them on map, send messages, meet them for real right away in the street, not behind a screen! 100% real people, totally anonymous, no SMS fees, and much more Enjoy!
icon Swift Twitter App
A fast, lean & mean Twitter app. -Full featured: messages, mentions, DM, searches, profiles, notifications -Open links quickly inside Swift -Photo/Video uploading, links -Save tweets for later/send to yourself via email -Trending topics -Search near me -Send tweets even while disconnected
icon Bambuser
Broadcast low-latency live video and audio using 3G or wifi! Supports all currently available Android phones running Android 1.5! (cupcake) View incoming chat messages. Broadcast in public or in private. Geotag your broadcasts using GPS.
icon Cartoon Gang
Bored with SMS, MMS and all the fruitless talks? Looking for a new manner to invite friends for a party? Now it’s time to communicate in a cartoon way! Draw Your unique cartoon characters and direct Your own movies! Share them with Your friends and other cartoon gangsters, which will meet You on their way home.
icon GeoNotes
GeoNotes is a social networking app that lets users leave "notes" at the places that they go to, answering the question "What's cool about where you are?" When you go somewhere, GeoNotes can tell you what's interesting nearby, right now. You can also subscribe to friends and get updates when they leave notes behind.
icon Agile Messenger IM
Agile Messenger is the most feature rich and user friendly all-in-one MSN, AIM, Yahoo!, ICQ & GoogleTalk instant messaging client for your Android mobile phone! Note: This free trial version will expire November 2009.
icon Xeeku Twitter
A full-fledged Twitter application with added benefits of helping to find exactly the people and content you're seeking. Also a geo based camera app is included. A photo tweet is posted, url shortened, photo uploaded as soon as the shutter is released. All photos produced with this app are automatically shown with a gallery
icon TextEZFast
TextEZFast lets you send text messages without using the keyboard. It is great for sending messages fast and for those who can't type (drivers, older or disabled people). Choose phrases, set up your own SMS favorites, or create templates to fill in before sending. Send your current address with one click.
icon Scribble
What could be faster than sending an SMS? Scribbling a message on the touch screen! Step 1: Select a background image. Choose from pre-defined images, a picture from your gallery, a Google map, or take a photo. Step 2: Scribble your message. Step 3: Send the picture by MMS or Twitter.
icon A-Global-Mind
A-GLOBAL-MIND: Have the answers right in your pocket - What is Theater Dancing? - Who discover the abacus? - What is the meaning of life? Just post your question and wait for an answer... Or be the one that has the answers ;)
icon ClapCard
Create and share animated card directly from your phone. ClapCard aims for better relationship among people,because sometimes cards will reflect better of people's emotion. ClapCard supports text, image, audio, and video. Also supports onClick and shaking phone triggers to launch map, phone dial, etc. Say With Cards!
icon TweetAssist
A new and interesting way to tweet! TweetAssist is designed to make twitter more accessible for everyone. A simplified layout with large text and buttons makes navigation a snap. Have your tweets read out loud to you, and use your voice to make status updates!
icon Phonebook Sharing
This app allows you to: * Share your contact list (privacy configurable) * Share images/videos * Create/Share wish list * Create/share postcards * Send text and voice messages * Get notification when contacts around * Dashboard with your most up-to-date info * Shout to all your contacts at once * See your contacts on map
icon Locale Plug-in
Please only Test/Rate if you have or willing to create an account with and have or willing to install 'Locale' from Market. With this Plug-In you can post to or set the status of all your social networks like Twitter MySpace Facebook Brightkite GTalk... automatically based on conditions, like Location and Time.
icon Friend or Foe
Who of your contacts stands out due to his communicative behavior? Friend or Foe extends standard address book features with a classification into Friends or Foes. This is calculated by the communicativeness of you and your contacts. The software notifies about status changes and can assess a contact's behavior.


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