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Round 2 ADC2 - android developer challenge

200 apk on the round 2 adc2

Android Application & Category

4 Player Reactor (ADC) Arcade
A World Of Photo Entertainment
A.D.A.M Entertainment
Agile Messenger IM Social
AirPainter Lifestyle
Album Art Grabber for ADC2 Lifestyle
Alex Digital Secretary Productivity
aLock Misc Always Prompt Travel
AMon (adc2 version) Lifestyle
Andrometer 1.0 Misc
AndShowtime Misc
Animal Compass Misc
AnyStop: The Transit Companion Travel
AnyWidget Misc
aPortaDrum Multimedia
AppManager (ADC2-edition) Productivity
Apps Organizer Adc Productivity
Appshare Social
aShadow Finder Lifestyle
Atmosphere: Trainer Arcade
Atomic Blaster Arcade
BabelSnap! (Trial) Travel
Bambuser ADC2 Social
Bazooka Rabbit Demo For ADC Arcade
Blink Casual
Blockx 3D Pro (ADC2) Casual
Books-EX Social
Botanica Education
Buzz Deck beta Multimedia
Calton Hill GPSCaddy Misc
Car Locator Travel
Cartoon Gang Social
Ce:real – Everyday trends Social
Celeste Education
ChordBot Multimedia
Citizenside Multimedia
ClapCard Social
Comeks Microphone Hero Casual
Complete Memorization Education
CubeWorks Productivity
Daisy Garden Entertainment
Decades Casual
Decaf: EC2 on your Android Misc
Detexify: LaTeX Recognizer Education
Dialify Misc
Digital Recipe Sidekick Lifestyle
DJ’it Lifestyle
Drive – AR Navigation System Travel
Drocap Productivity
DroidSpray Entertainment
EarthTime Education
Eclosion Productivity
Entertain Me Entertainment
Event Flow Productivity
Executive Assistant Misc
Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab Education
Flick It! Casual
FlingTap Done Productivity
Flu Tracker Education
FlyScreen Misc
Food Canary in a Restaurant Travel
FoxyRing ADC2 Lifestyle
FRG Arcade
Friend or Foe Social FriendBook Lifestyle
Fun Buzz Widget Entertainment
FUN2Learn Education
Fusion WebServer – Phone2Web Productivity
FxCamera (for ADC2) Multimedia
g-tar Entertainment GangWars Arcade
GeoNotes Social
Gigbox Lifestyle
Golfuls Entertainment
GPS Toolbox ADC2 Travel
Graviturn 1.0 Arcade
Grooveshark Mobile Multimedia
Handcent Messaging Productivity
Handy Poll ADC Productivity
Head To Head Racing Arcade
Hoccer ADC2 Productivity
HotelsByMe: Hotel Reservations Travel
How-To Videos from Multimedia
iLomo Entertainment
iNap: Arrival Alert (ADC2) Travel
InTrouble Lifestyle JAM session Entertainment
Jelix Casual JumpyBall 3D Arcade
Kanji with Picture Education
KUMPA Casual
LawLocale Travel
Learn! Education
Light Racer 3D Trial Arcade
Locale Plug-In Socia
l Lucid ADC2 Casual
Manchego! Education
Maverick Travel
Mazeness Casual Misc
Mediafly Mobile ADC Edition Multimedia Social
MicroJam Multimedia
midNite movie Entertainment
Missing Children ADC Misc
mobilematics Education
mobiProfessor Education
Mobisle Notes Productivity
Mom’s shopping list Lifestyle
Moto X Mayhem Arcade
Mover Lifestyle
MoVue Travel
Mowsic Midi-Over-Wireless Multimedia
mPuzzle Casual
MultiLex English Explanatory Education
musikCube Multimedia MyPosition Travel
N. American Conquest (ADC) Casual
Nebudroid Entertainment
NetDroid Lifestyle
NewsRoom Productivity
Nintaii Casual
Office Exercise Misc
Open Gesture Misc
Personal Finance Misc
Phonebook Sharing Social
PhoneHotel Travel
Photo BURST ADC2 Multimedia
PhotoShoot – The Duel (ADC) Arcade
PhotSpot(ADC2ver) Travel
PickYouUp Travel
Plink Art Education
Pobs Casual
PocketDJ Multimedia
Pocoro Casual
PrivateMedia Multimedia
ProjectINF ADC Arcade
Radiant Arcade
Rhythm Guitar Misc
Rhythmatics™ Alpha Lifestyle
Robotic Guitarist (ADC2) Education
Runes MMORPG – Alpha release Arcade
Screebl Productivity Scribble Social
Scribtor Misc Seek ’n Spell Casual
SFR Postcard Entertainment
Sign Translation Travel
SingSong Entertainment
Sketch Online Casual
Smart Alarm Clock Lifestyle
SocialMuse Social
Solo – ADC2 Entertainment
SongDNA Entertainment
Sonorox (ADC2) Entertainment
Space STG – Galactic Wars Arcade
SPB TV for ADC Multimedia
Spectral Audio Analyzer ADC2 Multimedia
SpecTrek Lifestyle Speed Forge 3D Arcade
Spheremare Arcade
Sports Trek Travel
SpotMessage for ADC2 Social
Stroids – ADC2 Arcade
Subzero Challenge Arcade
Sudoku Camera Casual
SweetDreams Lifestyle
Swift Twitter App (ADC2) Social
TapDialer Misc
Taps Of Fire Entertainment
Tasker Productivity
taskTopia Productivity
Tesla – PC Remote Control Multimedia
TextEZFast Social
Thinking-Space Productivity
Time-Lapse Trial Multimedia
Todoroo Lifestyle
TopoDroid Travel
Totemo Casual
Tracklet Productivity
Trip Journal Travel
Trippo Education
TuneMagic Multimedia
TweetAssist Social
Uloops Multimedia
UrbanGolf light Casual
Voicetrans (ADC) Education
WaveSecure Productivity
Web Clip Widget Lifestyle
WebWidget Misc
What the Doodle!? (ADC2) Casual
Who’s Calling Entertainment
Word Puzzle Education
Xeeku Photo Journal Lifestyle
Xeeku Twitter Social
Yuilop Entertainment
Zenith Education



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