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Productivity Tools - ADC 2


icon WaveSecure
WaveSecure is a complete mobile security solution that protects your device, data and privacy. 1. Track your phone’s location and who is using it 2. Lock down your phone remotely, making it worthless to the thief 3. Backup all your data 4. Wipe out your data remotely 5. Restore your data May the phone be with you!
icon Hoccer
Hoccer is your application for ad-hoc data exchange. Use gestures to "throw" your data through the air and let the recipients "catch" it. There is no need for prior exchange of contact details.
icon Tasker
Tasker let's you link any Task (action set) to the Contexts (application, time, day, location, event, widget press) where it should run. Send an SMS at 3:15 Monday, make per-app settings or locks, map camera button to a menu, launch music app on headphone insert, timelapse photos, encrypt on-the-fly, the list is endless!
icon Alex Digital Secretary
Alex, your Digital Secretary, performs common tasks that human secretaries perform such as tracking your status, screening incoming calls, limiting interruptions, providing reminders, checking other people’s status, and more! Alex’s job is to simplify your communication and your life! More at
icon Screebl
Screebl controls your phone's power-saving features based on device orientation. No more annoying screen timeouts when reading a long email or showing your friend a picture from the gallery. Best of all, Screebl can actually EXTEND YOUR PHONE'S BATTERY LIFE! You'll wonder how you ever got along without this simple app.
icon Thinking-Space
Mind Mapping for Android! Portable Mind Mapping has never been so convenient and fun! * Create eye-catching Mind Maps quickly and easily * Share mindmaps via Email or 'Cloud' functionality * Upload and download maps to your phone via the Thinking Space web portal * Compatible with popular desktop software * And more!
icon Handy Poll
Conduct polls using SMS. Your respondents can easily cast their votes using any handset capable of sending SMS. Features: - broadcast to respondents using SMS - view results in pie/bar chart - export results to memory card in CSV format - block repeat votes - anonymous voting - mark incoming SMS as 'read'
icon Mobisle Notes
Mobisle Notes is a simple and straight-forward notes/to-do application. It is designed with productivity and ubiquity mind for easy note-taking on the go, letting you write simple as-you-go notes or checklists seamlessly.
icon taskTopia
taskTopia is based on two key concepts: what must be done and where must be done. You define tasks and places, add reminders and actions to tasks and they will be triggered when you enter or exit the places. For example send a SMS! GPS use is optional! Permissions are for geo-location in background, and reminders.
icon Tracklet
Missing a few dollars? Tracklet makes budgeting easy. Time and location awareness with an inbuilt scoring system that learns and adapts to your spending patterns.View transaction maps & histories, browse summaries with categories, graph your progress against budgets. Let Tracklet do all the work, so you can keep having fun.
icon FlingTap Done
FlingTap Done is a to-do list which blends powerful features with a clear design to produce a more productive experience. Labels, archiving, attachments, alarms, context aware alerts, and a flexible filter are just some of the advanced features available. Download FlingTap Done today and make tomorrow more productive.
icon NewsRoom
NewsRoom helps you stay on top of your favorite blogs and news sites.
icon AppManager
Easy to use application manager. Allows you to manage Applications and Widgets on your phone. Sort them by name, size and date. Very fast and flexible interface. Features list: - launch - backup to SD - uninstall - details - search on market
icon Fusion WebServer - Phone2Web
Fusion is a pure Java web application server runs on phone with integrated Android features and permissions as an extension of phone. Fusion enables Android applications on Browser. Manage contacts, bookmarks, calls, SMS/MMS; and Send/Receive SMS from desktop. Manage & Upload files to SD card.
icon Eclosion
Eclosion is a tool which combines speech recognition, optical character recognition, speech synthesizer and handwriting recognition combined together to create a new user's experience like Speech-to-Speech translation, voice command or financial management.
icon Event Flow
Event Flow is a digital life recorder. You can: * See all the events happening on your mobile: your calls, messages, applications, pictures and visited places * Flag you favorite applications, contacts, pictures and places for a fast and easy access * Receive a nice PDF report (200 kb) via email of all your events
icon Handcent Messaging
Handent messaging full unleash the power of your android phone on messaging: Full support SMS & MMS,Hero & iphone skin,different bubble style,SMS POP UP,power function(search sms,batch mode,speak sms,speech recognition,Save MMS..),it also can let you set different notification,bubble style & signature for different people.
icon Apps Organizer
Apps Organizer allow you to organize installed applications using labels. With apps organizer you can: * associate one or more labels to each android application * create a "label shortcut" (with a custom icon) on Android home that contains shortcuts to applications with a label * uninstall an application
icon CubeWorks
CubeWorks is a productivity tool created with the realization that completing a task often requires information from more than one source. It displays a cube containing six applications, one on each face, letting users interact and navigate between multiple applications quickly. Getting things done becomes more efficient.


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