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icon SweetDreams
SweetDreams is a revolutionary tool that will finally allow you to go to sleep without worrying about changing your phone settings in order to avoid unwelcome late night calls. You can even use those inactivity periods to save battery power as well, and of course forget about enabling WiFi, Bluetooth or ringtones volume ...
icon SpecTrek
Improve your fitness with this revolutionary augmented reality ghost hunting game. Walk or run around using GPS and your phone's camera to find and catch virtual ghosts. You will experience a new adventure each SpecTrekking session. The game offers statistics, awards, titles, records, and most of all a whole lot of fun!
icon FoxyRing
FoxyRing makes your phone smarter by analyzing the ambient noise and adjust the ringer volume. Also: - Sleeping hours to silent your phone during the night. - Geolocated ringer profiles, change ringtone or make your phone vibrate only at work! - Widget to silent your phone for a timed period. - Great interface
icon Gigbox
Find, experience, and, share live music events. Gigbox brings music events from all over the world to your phone. Find events near you, bookmark your favorite events and artists. During live events you can chat, rate, and publish pictures from your phone. All of this is published live to the world on
icon Mover
Mover enables you to track your movement in an exciting way. It'll compare your activity level with that of the community and give you tips. Mover also bundles a fall sensor system. It detects user falls and may provide alerts. So... what are you waiting for? Take part of this worldwide experiment to characterize movement
icon Xeeku Photo Journal
A photographic documentary for you and those around you. It's a geo-location and chronologically based photos environment with both local and web presentations. Photos may be uploaded to Xeeku Photos host ( Use Gmail account to activate auto-uploading.
icon AMon
This application monitors noise recorded by your phones microphone and triggers a voice call to another phone when a noise threshold is exceeded. You can use it for getting a call if for example your baby starts crying or someone starts speaking in a room or someone makes noise while breaking into your car...
icon Todoroo
Todoroo allows you to turn great ideas into reality and make it fun to get stuff done. Coaches can help do things like learn to play the piano, stick to a workout plan or start being a better spouse! Try them all.
icon aShadow Finder
Find the best place where to park your car!. This app will help you to know the shadow that the sun will be projecting at any time and day. It uses complex mathematical simulations to locate the sun and to correct the earth's magnetic declination in order to provide you the best results. Anyway, you'll have a funny compass.
icon Rhythmatics Alpha
"Like Guitar Hero for running!" Rhythmatics - An athletic rhythm game. Walk, jog, or run in pace with the beat of the music, matching each step on time. Match the rhythm to affect the music and earn high scores. Lose the rhythm to negatively affect the music and lose the game. 3 Activities, 3 Tracks – Make Exercise Fun!
icon DJ'it
DJ’it is a handy dj application for Android. Now you can use your device as a professional mixing console! Organise your DJ'it music playlists and mix two tracks in real time. You can create your own music with DJ'it sample compositor. Compose it, save it and use it! Share the experience with other DJ'it users too!
icon Web Clip Widget
This widget displays clips of portions of web pages. With it you can get automatic periodic updates and check information you're interested in on your home page without even opening a web browser. Use this widget according to your lifestyle by clipping the web pages you check daily. (ex:news, weather, horoscope, blog, etc.)
icon Album Art Grabber
"A must-have for anyone who has music on their android handset." Extremely easy to use, with one click, it can automatically find and fix the missing album cover art. Seamlessly system integration, the artwork will be used by other music players. Click to grab alternative arts. Change if you don’t like. It’s simple!
icon Mom's shopping list
Mom's shopping list lets you make your shopping list in a very easy way. It's so easy that your mom would love to use it. You don't have to write anything, this application doesn't have advanced settings. Great design! It warns you when you get to the Market (GoogleMaps). Next Features: - Custom Icons. - More icons.
icon Smart Alarm Clock
Smart Alarm Clock finds the optimal time to wake up according sleep stage monitoring; just take your phone to bed at night and the alarm will go off right after the end of your last dream. Unfortunately, there is known issue on HTC Hero.
icon AirPainter
Wherever you are, AirPainter allows you to leave or read hand-written messages on the air. You can easily locate friends in a big stadium when you see "I am here!" You even hide a treasure only you can find it from the riddle message! Features: * Leave written message on the air * Read message from the air
icon FriendBook
You've got friends so you need to have FriendBook. FriendBook is a revolutionary way of staying in touch. Locate your friends anywhere, any time. It's simple. Want to meet? Get instant driving directions to your friends in seconds. Forget Walls and Tweets. Be direct with Group SMS and Email.Got Friends? Get FriendBook
icon InTrouble
The InTrouble is your personal security guard. Once configured it will always keep track of you and will notify nominated person that you are in trouble with your exact location. No more worries which number to dial or whom to call in an emergency.
icon Digital Recipe Sidekick
The DRS is a practical kitchen gadget that helps you collect and follow recipes. It has a cookbook that you can edit directly and easily expand. It also has an interactive recipe reader, which you control with voice commands so that you can remain focused on cooking and don’t have to awkwardly stop to look at a recipe.
icon NetDroid
Unique motion-sensing browser in which you can scroll webpages just by tilting your phone. Set your preferred reading position, tilt towards you to scroll down and go back to reading position to stop scrolling. It supports "real" tabs with asynchronous loading (long press to open in new tab) and full screen browsing too!


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