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icon A World of Photo
Loosely inspired by the traditional "Spin the bottle", A World of Photo is a casual, geographic worldwide multiplayer online game with a social touch. Players spin their phones and will receive a photo from whomever in the world they pointed to. For best play experience, let the app run in the background.
icon SongDNA
Need any information on a song? Practicing for a big karaoke gig? Music quiz coming up tomorrow? The SongDNA widget allows you to quickly look up your favorite song's detailed information. It includes the lyrics, artist's bio, homepage, highest chart rank and video. Handy when you're training for your next karaoke gig!!
icon Solo
Solo is a great, easy to play and feature rich pocket guitar for your phone. A must for all guitar enthusiasts! Features include -Huge chord library with 380+ chords & diagrams -Load/save chord layouts -Play along with music on your phone -Overlay music & lyrics from the internet -Various strum modes, including shake strum
icon iLomo
iLomo is a LOMO style camera and photo share application. Feature: LOMO style camera experience. Fun photo effects processing. One click to share photos to your social networks. One click to share micro-blog and sync to twitter. Most popular social networks are supported, including Facebook, Flickr, Web Picasa, Twitter,etc.
icon SingSong
Sing into your phone as lyrics scroll by and SingSong will score how well you sing! Over 300 popular songs are supported. However, you must provide the song files. SingSong will automatically scan your phone to find supported songs. SingSong comes with 10 free songs, so you can still play if your phone has no music on it.
icon SFR Postcard
Surprise your family and friends with the SFR Postcard application! Send them real postcards from your Gphone! It’s quick and simple: Add your photo, write a message, fill the address’s field and click on Send. They’ll receive them in a few days in their mailbox! Include brand new components: Coverflow+ Drag & Drop Menu
icon Entertain Me
Get a life ! Find events around you and plan an eve with friends. The application allows you to collaborate with friends for events, track their acceptance and purchase ticket. The application gets best priced tickets from various sellers and put them togeather for you.
icon Sonorox
Sonorox is a musical toy for Android. It allows you to compose short loops, and upload them to the Sonorox community website. You can also download other peoples' tunes and vote for them. View the community here:
icon JAM session
You can easily play your instrument with music provided by Jam Session. What you only need is choosing an instrument and a BGM as you want. You do not have to worry about the exact music rules. Jam Session finds it and recommends you the appropriate one that fits to the music. Play your own music and have fun with it.
icon Taps of Fire
Taps Of Fire is a rhythm-based game where you need to pick up notes as they come along with the music. Sounds like Guitar Hero or better, Frets on Fire because this game is a reimplementation of FOF for Android platform. So it fully supports FOF's songs. Project's homepage:
icon DroidSpray
DroidSpray allows you to spray paint your world. It's like virtual graffiti. Using the camera built into your phone you'll see your artistic musings on top of your surroundings. If placed well, it might even appear to be real graffiti.
icon Yuilop
With Yuilop you can stream live video to multiple Android phones, the iPhone and the Web. Chat with your viewers, show them your position and orientation in real time. Browse your nearest live streams or Youtube videos. Notify your friends using Jaiku or Twitter and upload your videos to Youtube.
icon g-tar
A realistic guitar experience! Strum, pick strings, compose songs using lots of built-in chords. View fingering charts for chords. 5 different guitar sounds to choose from. Comes with songs to play among several genres, and you can also download song updates and share your own compositions at g-tar Central. Music on the go!
icon Fun Buzz Widget
Get Fun Buzz if you’re looking for a great boredom buster! Featuring the funniest Entertainment, Gossip, TV and Music news, plus hilarious jokes and more from across the web, the Fun Buzz never stops! Featuring an easy to use interface, count on Fun Buzz to keep you entertained wherever you are!
icon Daisy Garden
Brighten up your phone with Daisy Garden! Grow virtual flowers and arrange them in gardens. Pick your favorites and display them on your phone's home screen. Even better: share pictures of your best flowers with other Daisy Gardeners for them to scan and plant in their own gardens.
icon midNite movie
Yes, another location-based movie listing app, but now will let you select and buy ticket right on your phone (Fandango account), then will display the bar-code on your Android screen. Finally, walk straight to the check-in gate, scan your phone...Cool! you got your tickets. Save time, paper, ink and tree...ENJOY!
icon Golfuls
Golfuls is a World-Wide Portable Golf Caddie. From player navigation to score analysis, a wide variety of features are supported. Through the network, information, such as course data and player info, can be easily obtained. This visual tool will undoubtedly enhance your golfing experience.
icon Nebudroid
Nebudroid is a funny way to interact with PC games and simulators using the accelerometer and the new multitouch capabilities. You can drive a car using the phone as a steering wheel, you can play Mario with a NES controller, or you can jump with the mobile in the pants pocket and Mario will move with you. Videos on YouTube
icon Who's Calling
Who's Calling lets you know, who is calling without you looking at the phone. - Ringtone compatible - Fully compatible with Locale - Configure what to say before and after the contact name or number - Share with your friends Voice is handled by Google TTS Service, quality will improve drastically in next Android release!
icon A.D.A.M.
A.D.A.M - not just a piano. Brings you classic Hammond sound to crazy noises. Includes a beatplayer boosting beats from basic rock to electro. Also includes a selection of oldskool hiphop samples and scratches. Features: a vintage compact 2- octave synth, a pitch-controlled beatplayer, and 3 extended soundbanks.


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