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ADC 1 - Winners - Round 2

Android Developers Blog was updated with a PDF file containing screenshots and descriptions of the 46 ADC winners :

$275,000 Award Recipients

  • cab4me (finding a taxi closest to home)
  • CompareEverywhere (compare mobile prices with user reviews and direct connections to local shops)
  • Ecorio (program that calculates the consumption of CO2 depending on what type of transport used)
  • Gocart (scanner bar code products to compare prices online)
  • Life360 (instant messaging software / social network)
  • Local (automatic change of parameters of the mobile following appointments or geographical position)
  • PicSay (image editor with ability to share them with friends)
  • Softrace (sports software that stores his career - running, cycling, ... - with a comparison of its results online)
  • TuneWiki (audio / video player with advanced reading words and geolocation system)
  • Wertago (social networking system with geolocation).

$100,000 Award Recipients

  • BreadCrumbz (navigation system GPS geo taggée photos)
  • Cooking Capsules (learning software and recipe)
  • Maverick (IM software compatible Google Talk and to update his blog Google Blogger)
  • PebbleBox (geolocalized local social network with ability to add their own events on a map, or to purchase tickets for events already entered)
  • PhoneBook 2.0 (carnet d'adresse géolocalisé) PhoneBook 2.0 (address book geolocalized)
  • Piggyback (software carpool geolocalized)
  • Pocket Journey (GPS tour guide who can combine in some areas of multimedia content)
  • Rayfarla (logiciel d'apprentissage de la musique - piano -) Rayfarla (software learning music - piano -)
  • ShareYourBoard (creation and sharing of a window (whiteboard) between multiple users)
  • Teradesk e-Storage System (publishing and sharing documents on a virtual hard disk. The transferred data are encrypted)



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